During deployments, Legal Offices on post usually always provide services for general and special POAs but what is a durable POA? A Power of attorney is legal and it gives a person the authority to act as an agent dealing in all matters of the principal. The power of attorney which is durable means that the contract has to state the validity of the document if the principal falls sick or dies.
This is useful in cases when the principal seriously falls ill or disabled and also if the property does not need funds to set up. This legal document is also used in the case of couples who are married who have a joined account. Every legal document is different from another so the laws for creating them are also different. South Carolina prepares the power of attorney in the same way as they prepare a will. California has a different system so before you make this document you should have sufficient knowledge about legal matters. One problem remains with the durable document; the principal might not want his agent to take liberations on few things. Therefore it should be stated in the contract that which decisions the agent can take and which ones he cannot and also state that the legal contract will be valid if the principal becomes disabled.

Many responsibilities and decisions could be covered by the power of attorney. These include:

• Gifts which play a huge role in tax planning
• Access the deposit boxes which were used as safes.
• Signing the tax returns, the IRS documents, also settling disputes over tax.
• Pursue matters which are legal or proceedings on the principal’s behalf.
• Collect the principal’s benefits from insurances such as health.
• Amending or setting trust funds.
• To ask the agent to withdraw.

The laws are very different in every case. In cases such as divorce, once the couple is separated, the agent is also terminated. The contract can be termed as invalid if the principal is found ineffective while signing the document.

The contract can become invalid if the agent becomes ineffective,dies or is unavailable.

To keep away from such difficulties, most legal offices either offer Special POAs, or General, or offer help with your will packet.

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